Conference Testimonials

Conference Testimonials


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Seal,

When Dr. Andy Adler of Carleton Univeristy originally spoke to me about a conference to be held at the Glen House Resort, April 24-26, I was a little skeptical of the venue.

Now that the conference is finished, I can say unequivocally  that my skepticism was ill-founded.

Your venue and property are very fine, the meals were excellent and the front desk staff was outstanding.

During the ramp-up to the conference, which included leading biomedical engineers, scientists and medical doctors from many nations, Jeanine Hunter answered every question and concern we raised. I am sure she has heard it all before this conference.

During the conference the front desk staff was superlative - demonstrating at all times the finest hospitality, which is so fundamental to good business.

There are many fine venues and facilities in Canada. It is clear to me that you have the best and most effective people working together at the Glen House Resort.

We thank them for a fine week-long experience.

Yours truley,
DP Dawson
Research Associate for Dr. Adler


Nothing is too much trouble for the staff - the service and willingness to help is first class.  I would highly recommend the Glen House Resort as a hotel and conference centre.

Don MacRae
Algonquin Student's Association