About Us

History of the Glen House Resort 

For generations, the Glen House Resort has enjoyed a long history along the quiet banks of the St. Lawrence River. Founded in 1896 by the Shipman family, the resort came into the possession of its current owners, the Seal family, in the fall of 1962, when it was purchased by Trudy and Ed Seal. At that time it was a humble establishment of quaint Victorian era-homesteads and boathouses. However, the estate had sat dormant for some years and was in sad need of repair - Ed and Trudy certainly had their work cut out for them in those early days. Thankfully, through their hard work, along with the assistance of their family and dutiful staff, the Glen House was soon revitalized and ready to expand.

Key to the development of the Thousand Islands region was the building of Highway 401 in 1968, as well as Interstate 81 in the early 1970s. American fishermen and vacationers could now easily access the splendour and tranquility of the region. Perhaps it goes without saying, then, that U.S. vacationers and avid anglers accounted for 65% of the Resort’s business until the early 1990s. In 2005, the opening of Smuggler’s Glen Golf Course, the Glen House's sister property, further diversified our clientele. 

Periodically, some of the privately owned islands and ‘cottages’ (a true understatement in many cases) have changed hands. Recently, sales have exceeded $1,000,000., depending, of course, on the size of the island and estate. Fortunately, the river view from the resort and the surrounding islands has changed very little since the early ’60s; it will forever be protected by Parks Canada and strict environmental constraints, ensuring that future generations will continue to enjoy the breathtaking scenery so essential to the area and its people. 
We have come a long way through the decades, and though the cottage façades may change, the reputation of the Glen House Resort as a premier vacation destination remains engrained in the very spirit of the peaceful river lifestyle. We hope very much that you will consider us for you next getaway. The islands are waiting for you.

The Seal Family