Spring Season

Shipman's Dining Room Menu


Clam Chowder    $8

French Onion   $8

Soup Rich, dark beef broth, caramelized onions, croutons, and Swiss cheese 

Bruschetta   $11
Finely chopped fresh tomatoes mixed with red onions, garlic, basil, and a balsamic glaze, served atop toasted Vienna bread  

Escargot   $14
Escargot-stuffed mushrooms, topped with garlic butter and finished with melted mozzarella cheese  

Caesar Salad   $7

Crisp Romaine, bacon, aged Parmesan cheese and croutons tossed in our creamy dressing 

Garden Salad   $6

Iceberg lettuce and field greens mixed with fresh garden vegetables, tossed in our homemade honey lemon vinaigrette 

Add to any Salad

4 oz. Chicken $5  -  4 pc Shrimp $8  -  8 oz. Striploin Steak $10

Prime Rib au Jus    Queen $32 King $37

A favourite in the 1000 Islands

Striploin    $35

AAA 12 oz. Canadian beef, flame-grilled to perfection, accompanied with our homemade garlic butter

Liver & Onions    $22

Tender Baby Beef Liver topped with onions, bacon, and au jus 

Chicken Marsala    $26

Pan-seared chicken supreme finished with a house-made Marsala wine cream sauce

Chicken Cordon Bleu    $25

8 oz. chicken breast stuffed with prosciutto and brie, and encrusted with panko bread crumbs

Maple Glazed Salmon    $26

6 oz. Skin-on pan-seared salmon, glazed with maple syrup. Skin can be removed upon request

Grilled Chicken Fettuccine    $23

Grilled chicken, red onions, mushrooms, and bacon tossed in our signature garlic cream sauce and finished with wilted baby spinach and aged Parmesan cheese

Vegetable Stir Fry    $22

A fresh medley of mixed vegetables sautéed and served on a bed of garlic-seasoned rice. Your choice of honey garlic, hoisin or spicy Thai sauce

Add to any of the above items:

Mushrooms $4 - Onions $4 - 4 oz Chicken $5 - 8 oz Striploin Steak $10

All entrees served with warm bread, potato or seasoned rice and vegetable of the day unless otherwise stated.

**We would like to thank you for your patience, as all meals are made to order and therefore take time. Thank You! **


All desserts are homemade

Brownies & Ice Cream    $5
Served with maple-glazed walnuts
Chocolate Truffle     $7
Pecan and almond crust with chocolate fudge filling
New York-Style Cheesecake   $7
Served with a cherry sauce finish   
Crème Brûlée    $6

A creamy vanilla custard with a carmelized top layer           

Home-Made Pie   $7

Ask your server for flavours

Add chocolate or vanilla ice cream 1.50 

Shipman's Coffees
Coffee / Tea      $2.50
Cappuccino     $4.75
Espresso      $4.25    
Latte     $4.75
Shipman's Specialty Coffees
Smuggler’s Mug
A Glen House original - Rum, Kahlua, Peppermint Schnapps

B-52 Coffee
Kahlúa, Baileys, and Grand Marnier

Monte Cristo Coffee
Kahlúa and Grand Marnier

Spanish Coffee
Tia Maria, Brandy. Olé!

Blueberry Tea
Grand Marnier, Amaretto, Orange Pekoe Tea

Irish Coffee
1 jigger Irish whiskey

Jamaican Coffee
Coffee with Dark Rum, Kahlua

All Specialty Coffees $6.25
White Wines

House Wine
Lindeman's Bin 95
Berringer ~ Cabernet Sauvignon
Pelee Island ~ Pinot Grigio
Beringer ~ White Zinfandel
Beringer ~ California Collection  Pinot Grigio
Glass ~ $7.50, ½ Litre ~ $18, Bottle ~ $29, 1 Litre $35

Lindeman Bin 65 ~ Aus    $32
Sterling Vintner’s ~ Calif.     $37
Mike Weir ~ Ontario     $39
         Mike’s foundation assists the many  causes that support children in 
         physical, emotional or financial need.

 Bachelder Niagara ~ Ontario    $47
         Expertly crafted by Thomas Bachelder, an Ontario winemaker of the year.

Sauvignon Blanc
Matua Valley Estates ~ NZ     $47

Pinot Grigio
Beringer Founder Estates ~ Calif     $42

Other Grapes
Pelee Island - Eco Trail (1) ~ Ontario    $31
Pelee Island ~ Reisling (Dry)     $31

Champagne & Sparkling Wines    
Henkell Trocken ~ Ger.    Glass/$8
Pelee Island ~ Lola    $33
Proseco ~ Italy    $38
Wolf Blass Gold Label     $38
Veuve Cliquot Brut ~ France      $97

Red Wines

House Wine
Pelee Island ~ Merlot
Berringer ~ Cabernet Sauvignon
Boons ~ Sangria
Glass ~ $7.50, ½ Litre ~ $18, Bottle ~ $29, 1 Litre $35

Pelee Island ~ Ontario     $32
Saltram 1859 ~ Australia     $44
19 Crimes ~ Australia     $47

Sterling Vintners ~ Calif.      $37
Mike Weir ~ Ontario     $40
    Mike’s foundation assists the many causes that support children in 
    physical, emotional or financial need.

Sterling Napa Valley (V)     $54

Cabernet Sauvignon    
Sterling Vintner’s ~ Calif.     $37
Wynn’s Black Label  ~ Australian     $51        
Sterling Napa Valley (V)     $54
Beringer (V) ~ California     $65

Other Grapes    
Pelee Island Pinot Noir ~ Ontario     $32        
Castello Di Gabiano Chianti ~ Italy    $44
Bachelder Pinot Noir ~ Niagara    $47
Argento Malbec ~ Argentina     $32

Thank You

We would like to thank you for dining with us in the beautiful 1000 Islands. Please relax while our attentive staff create a truly memorable experience. While we are locally known for our Prime Rib, our chefs are well-versed in presenting other enticing entrees, including chicken, seafood and pasta dishes. We strive to provide timely service, but please remember good food cannot be rushed. 

Please inform servers of any food allergies or intolerances. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Please Note: 
• Taxes and gratuity are not included in the menu prices
• A 15% gratuity will be added to parties with 10 people or more


Dining Hours

409 1000 Islands Parkway Gananoque, Ontario

IN SEASON - June to September
In-Season Dining Hours
    Breakfast    6:30 - 11:00 am
    Lunch (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)    11:00 am - 4 pm
    Dinner    5:30 - 9:00 pm

Off-Season Dining Hours
    Dinner in Shipman's Dining Room
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Please call for hours

For Dining Room Reservations
Call (613) 659-2204 or 1-800-268-4536 ext. 648